PAWJ California | Our Story and Commitment to Cruelty-Free Footwear

Our Commitment to Cruelty-Free Footwear

PAWJ has a commitment to create a better world for animals. Our belief is that all sentient creatures have the right to life + wellbeing and it is that belief that moves us to create alternative products that avoid the use of animal skins or furs without sacrificing comfort and quality. Our goal is to be the leading developer of environmentally friendly and 100% cruelty-free footwear that enables both our customers and our company to make a positive difference in the world.

By using only the highest quality synthetics and faux fur available PAWJ California provides the ultimate craftsmanship, cut and construction for our line of ultra-comfort boots and slippers designed for easy wearing and long lasting durability.

It's classic comfort without cruelty.

Meet the Owner, Julee Merrill

Meet the Owner, Julee Merrill

Based in Southern California, PAWJ California is the creation of designer Julee Merrill. Born from her passion to love all animals, PAWJ is a family run business that is taking a stand to create a better world with cruelty-free, comfortable slippers and boots.

I was born with a love for animals. I remember trying to rescue any living creature that crossed my path & trying to bring home stray animals and begging to keep them.

Share Your Love for Animals

I was raised around a lot of animals, including farm animals & soon realized that I couldn't raise them, care for them, love them and continue to eat them.

What Was Your Path to Veganism?

When you start to pay attention to how some clothing, accessories, and footwear are made — it becomes a choice to not eat or purchase anything that harms animals or the planet.

Thoughts on Conscious Consumerism

After losing both a beloved dog & cat last year to cancer, we currently have a 13 year old rescue dog we adopted 12 years ago. We'll be adding to the fur family soon!

Any Animals Currently in the Family?

I have two older daughters & a husband that are very supportive and influential in creating and developing PAWJ. It's a true family business and it stems from a passion to help make a difference in the exploitation of animals.

For the Love of Family

Lake vacations with the family. Working in our yard and planting flowers. Nature is my escape.

Favorite Hobbies?

Slip into comfy clothes with a pair of PAWJ boots, take the pup for a walk, cook a nice dinner and relax on the couch with a reality tv show.

Favorite Way to Unwind

My morning coffee consists of more almond milk creamer than coffee and lots of coconut whip cream on top!

What's Your Coffee Order?